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Catherine Bush CBE born 30 July 1958 is an English singer, dancer, songwriter, and record producer. In 1978, aged 19, she topped the UK Singles Chart for four weeks with her debut single "Wuthering Heights", becoming the first female artist to achieve a UK number one with a self-written song. She has since released 25 UK Top 40 singles, including the Top 10 hits "The Man with the Child in His Eyes", "Babooshka", "Running Up That Hill", "Don't Give Up" (a duet with Peter Gabriel), and "King of the Mountain". All 10 of her studio albums reached the UK Top 10, including the UK number-one albums Never for Ever (1980), Hounds of Love (1985), and the compilation The Whole Story (1986). She was the first British solo female artist to top the UK album charts and the first female artist to enter the album chart at number one.

A former fan said this in a review "Anyone else find Kate Bush completely overrated?? Don't get me wrong, some of her 80s stuff is good fun, but her music post-Hounds Of Love to present day is DULL DULL DULL. Snoore-inducing attempts at being "avant garde" masking what is essentially a pretentious songwriter with an inability to write anything with a real melody or structure. The Red Shoes was an embarassment, Aerial was pretentious as fuck and the new album sounds like one massive yawn. It's kind of sickening watching the always predictable music critics sucking the clit of this lazy-ass, middle-class woman who's made no work of relevance in over two decades and hasn't done an honest days work since 1979."


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Log Mcgill says

"I made a purchase from this site the seller was RVS he is the most rude person I have ever dealt with, buyers beware he takes your money doesn’t contact you doesn’t send item until you get Credit card involed then he trolls your email."

Ark Arkham Arkestra says

"Sellers to slow to respond! Between the past and the future, between sanity and madness, between dreams and reality, lies my impatience with this online ordering thang! ...Peace."

Twice Bitten says

"As a seller this site is poor to average at best. The site is poorly ranked in Google and my total sales there in over a 5 year period are poor to say the least and almost a complete waste of my time at my expense. The site technology is dated and the search functions are lacking and are also dated. The owner chooses to charge the sellers commission on shipping totals amounts to bolster his income at the seller's expense. The seller's forum is also run by a small group of obscure and troubled "nut-job" members who ruin the seller's forum with their silly banter and useless rhetoric. I'm there to sell - not hold hands or have a "Bro-mance" - I have invested endless dollars in time and effort offering my expensive and extensive inventory of over 5 thousand quality music items on this site without much return - I refuse to support the owner's extensive vacation schedule and his estate remodel costs. All around a creepy and dated site but might be a value to a buyer rather than a new seller since many sellers there are desperate for a sale. In general some sellers might let you sleep with their sister for a quarter dollar......November 6th 2018 update....this site has been down for over 6 days now...not that I missed any sales? Is this also acceptable? 2020 is here and another almost 2 years have passed without sales or any needed software improvements. I am now down-grading my review to ONE STAR. The administrator of Musicstack has now peppered the latest reviews to skew the actual real poor reviews as the site declines further. What a shame. Sales continue to decline on this site and "no one is getting rich 'sept Mama Cass"!!!"

Peba 12 says

"Took five days to be notified the record I ordered was not in stock, so why was it an active listing? And why 5 days? I sent numerous emails to Music Obsession asking for the invoice, stating I was very anxious to get the record. I had searched all over the net for this record for months in this condition and was so happy to find it here. So much for their 93% fill rate. Of course, my order had to fall in the 7%. This was my first attempted transaction using this site. VERY disappointed. I wish Music Stack, or someone, took a more active role in purging outdated listings. Clearly letting sellers police themselves doesn't work based on other feedback I've seen. Regarding Music Stack's reply (I saw no option to reply directly to the reply), thank you for a very prompt reply. FYI- I have been buying records on eBay for years and have yet to be contacted by a seller to tell me the item I bought was no longer available. I don't know how to leave a review for the seller only. That said, hosting sellers as this site does, there should be some responsibility, not just say it is between the buyer and seller and walk away. It's like never getting your reward on Kickstarter and Kickstarter saying they are just the host and it isn't their problem. There must be responsibility. For example, set up a system whereby if the seller ignores emails from buyers, doesn't provide refunds, and/or too often doesn't have an item they listed, you send them an email warning them that they risk no longer being able to sell on MS. If there is no punishment then the system will be abused. This particular business has complaints on the Better Business Bureau site which I discovered after they cancelled my order. There must be responsibility."

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